Travel Tips – Do Have it

Any place you are visiting requires you to have basic tips to make your tour even more exciting. It holds true especially when you are on a tour of a big country like Romania. Travel Romania and you will be endowed with unforgettable memories. Though one is supposed to have a good knowledge about the place he is visiting, some basic travel tips may be helpful in saving you from uncalled for problems and embarrassment. Romania Travel is no exception to this preparation.o You must keep in your mind that the porters, chambermaids and taxi drivers do expect tips from you. The figure might match 5 to 10 percent.o Photography of Military installation is completely prohibited. And you might have to pay a fee up to Lei2000 for snapping an attractive location.o Greet people by shaking hands. However, men are accustomed to kiss women’s hand while greeting them. Visitors are expected to follow normal European courtesies on social occasions.o Dresses are much of a conservative style, however; casual ones retain their characteristics. Remember, never clad a beachwear away from the beach or nay poolside-you might be condemned for this.o On public transport, smoking is prohibited. Public places like cinemas and theatres also do not allow you to smoke.o The national currency is Leu which equals to 100 bani.o You can shop from 6:00AM to 9:00 PM Monday to Sunday.o In Bucharest you can enjoy winning a lot in the games in casinos. The capital has the largest number of casinos in Europe.